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Crime Clean of Texas has been providing Veteran Suicide Cleanup Services in San Antonio since 1995.  Each of our Certified Technicians have over 34,000 hours of bio-hazardous cleaning experience.  We provide professional, discrete suicide cleaning services.  All of our commercial vehicles is unmarked, and are fully stocked with hospital grade, EPA approved chemicals.  We are OSHA compliant and utilize a licensed medical waste transporter for bio-hazard disposal.

Call now if you need suicide cleanup services.  We will answer all of your questions, and return your property to a clean, non-hazardous site.

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Our Certified Technicians are compassionate, and will answer all of your questions.

We provide discrete bio-hazard cleaning services.  All of our commercial vehicles are unmarked.  

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"22 Veterans take their own lives everyday ..... That's 1 suicide every 65 minutes"

CNN reports (2013) on studies by the Department of Veteran Affairs and poling by the Washington Post and Kaiser Family Foundation indicated that 22 veterans take their own lives everyday.  These are staggering numbers indicating that there is at lease 1 veteran suicide every 65 minutes.  And, the number of Veterans who commit suicide are probably even higher since several States, including two of the largest States in the United States, were not included in the study.

Crime Clean of Texas, a death and suicide cleaning company in San Antonio, Texas noted a 15% increase of suicides in 2013; a rate that has continued to climb through March 2015.  In addition to the substantial increase in the number of suicides that Crime Clean responds to, the specialized bio-hazard cleaning company has seen a sharp increase in females committing suicide in the last18 months.  "Suicides definetely continue to be on the rise," states Charlie Moore, the HazMat for Crime Clean of Texas. "Many of the suicides we respond to are drug related.  It is very sad, and we are looking forward to a day when people will reach for a phone to find help and support; not a gun."

Multiple studies have been conducted to determine what causes our Veterans to take their own lives.  Finding the answer to this question has proved complex and  difficult.  In a recent article by the LA Times, Michael Schoenbaum, an epidemiologist and military suicide expert at the National Institute of Mental Health, states, "People's natural instinct is to explain military suicide by the war-is-hell theory..... But it's more complicated."  

Study results are complex and the contributing factors in some cases include:  PTSD and the stigma of getting help for PTSD, economic stagnation; re-intigration into civilian life, deployment time, relationship problems, money, abuse of prescription medication, drug abuse, deployment is a war zone, injuries sustained while deployed, losses suffered in combat, and mental illness.

The LA Times article went on discuss the finding of an analysis which matched military records with the National Death Index.  The analysis found an annual suicide rate among Veterans of 29.5 per 100,000; roughly 50% higher than the rate among civilians with similiar demographic characteristics.  The study also found that "The rates were highest during the first three years out of the military."  Additionally, the analysis indicated that men were three times more likely to commit suicide than women.  However, female Veterans killed themselves at twice the rate of other women.

If you, or someone you know, are considering suicide, call someone now.

     Military Veterans Suicide National Hotline:     1-800-273-TALK     (Press 1)     or Text to 838255

     Suicide Hotline in Spanish:                               1-800-273-TALK      (Press 2)

     LGBT Youth Suicide Hotline:                             1-866-4-U-TREVOR

     Suicide & Crisis Center of North Texas:           (214) 828-1000

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